Once I purchase my package, will I need to do anything else?

Yes. Please check your email for client form. We'll need you to complete and return this form to us before we can begin the design process. 

What is included in my package?

Each package includes a theme of your choice, added site pages, added products, design of branded items, and tech support. Our fee does not include the price of your domain or any monthly or annual subscription fees for hosting. If you already own a domain, great! If not, please wait until we send you the client form. Depending on which platform you choose, the price of your domain could be free for your first year.

How long will it take for 299 Web Design to complete my website?

Our design process takes about 14 business days. We begin the process immediately after we have received the client form and any other requested information. We cannot start the design process until all items have been received.

How do I decide which platform to use?

While you can use either platform for any reason. Shopify is better for selling products. Wix is best for service based businesses that may not need to accept payments online. Wordpress works best for bloggers, but can also be used to accept payments and promote services.  

What if my website is not a fitness website, but I like the look of that theme, can I use that theme for something other than fitness?

Yes. We can completely customize the theme you would like. You don't have to have the same type of business to use a particular theme. 

How will I update the inventory on my site or add new products?

Yes. Once your website has been completed you will receive detailed instructions on how to maintain and update inventory and make minor management changes to your site.  

I know I need a website but I'm not sure what kind. Can I talk to someone to figure that out?

Yes. Fill out the Contact Us form. We'll be glad to schedule you for a free consultation.

I don't see a theme that fits my brand, can I tell you what I'd like and have a theme designed for my website?

Sure. We only list a few of the available themes. There are tons more to choose from. Our design experts will go above and beyond to create a theme for your brand. You are welcome to list this information on your client form, or you can fill out a Contact Us form and schedule a free consultation.